We were given 1 red, 1 yellow and 1 blue marker and a magazine photo to reproduce. A great exercise for optical color blending.
Night Life was an exercise in color and contrast.
We spray-painted on top of water, dipped illustration board into the swirled paint and were instructed to compose a picture. I used oils to create this dream of castles and sailboats called Childs Play.
I thought a real Fish Sandwich would make this a truly Malox moment. This was done with watercolor for an illustration class.
One of my few surviving life drawings. I covered the charcoal with shellac and used white oil paint to contrast with the paper.
One of the pieces I painted while on location with my friend and professor Arlo Coles.

I enjoyed the process of straight impact design and color arrangements with mixed media (grocery bags, watercolor, colored pencil, etc.). I am very eclectic regarding the styles and variety of art I enjoy and respect. The division for me is not the style, but the intent.

When I have more leisure time I will definitely use a lot more watercolor. I love the expediency and fluid spontaneity.
I had about four years of life drawing and occasionally Leon would encourage us to add some flair to the figure from our imagination such as with Egypt.
Painted on location.
Also painted on location, just a bit more expressive.
Our Fashion Illustrations were done from life as well, but we were taught to stretch the figure as we drew.
I love wildlife; if I wasn't so enthralled with the colors in flowers and landscapes I would be a wildlife artist!
Scratchboard and guache