Lathrop High School had sixteen hundred students and the best art teacher I could have hoped for. Norma Sharma emigrated from Austria and brought her European aesthetics and discipline with her. She actually taught: she didn’t just tell us to dabble with this or that, she offered constructive instruction and opened up every opportunity for us to compete with students around Alaska.

Norma had us experiment with many different styles and techniques to encourage deeper creativity. This was a contour drawing completed while only peeking at the paper occasionally (shading done afterwards)
I enjoyed winning the State Fair Junior Grand Champion award with this piece, but I learned an early lesson about journalistic license when they featured me in the local newspaper and claimed I used all my winnings to buy munchies.(click on picture)
I've admired Bill Cosby since I was young.
Norma slowly focused an upside down image in a projector to teach us how to concentrate on the abstract shapes before the details
Alaska All State first place award winner
Lathrop High School still uses this drawing for their stationery and mascot projects (wrestling mats, mugs, etc.)
This is the piece I won the Congressional Art Award for when I was 17 - Reflection (pastel)